Service Policies

Unlimited Photos: We have an unlimited image policy meaning we will take everything we should, everything you want, everything we think you might want to remember and everything we might want for our portfolios and you receive those images as well. On average, we deliver between 400-1000 images depending on the size and time of the wedding. We do however bring enough storage to shoot literally thousands of wedding images so please feel free to ask your photographer for all the images you want.

Unlimited Print/Reprint rights: You may make your albums anytime you wish and never have to pay high priced reprint costs from the photographer. We furnish a form that you may take your images to any printer or we will be happy to approve any prints by phone should the lab need our approval. This form includes some local print labs that we suggest but you are never obligated to use these specific labs. Print anywhere you want and as often as you want. The images are yours.

Reduced editing: You will receive the vast majority of your wedding images taken that day. We do not delete images under normal circumstances. You will receive our very best shot and our very worst shot of the day. The numbers will be in the 100’s and perhaps 1000’s.

Zero Overage charges: Your photographer will stay until YOU are ready to leave. Relax and enjoy your day, we’ll be there should your night run a bit longer than planned.

Ala Cart Pricing:We custom tailor packages to a brides budget and needs. This policy saves the customer costs and allows more flexibility to add important services that are client specific.

Event Coordination:
If you are unable to retain a certified wedding coordinator, having a wedding professional on duty will often become a nice bonus as your wedding day unfolds. While we typically are not ones to get involved and our mantra is one of transparency, we do find ourselves often helping at your wedding for the sake of the bride and groom. Additionally, we will offer suggestions during the initial client meeting based on some pitfalls we have seen in the past. You receive our experience at the wedding as well as our experience with the photography.

Professional backups: Our state of the art cameras and lighting systems are not only backed up, but some in triple redundancy. Rest assured, we have the backups and should technical issues come up, we have a plan. All cameras and lenses go to the factory service center every year for cleaning and calibration whether they may need service or not.

Images delivered un-cropped: Our photographers will never decide which orientation you may want in your book. The images you receive will allow cropping options both vertical and horizontal which allows more flexibility in final prints.

All images delivered on DVD: Backup DVD’s can be made which are more permanent than film based negatives ensuring your images will never be lost and last a lifetime. These backups can also be sent to family and friends to allow their own printing and save bride and groom the cost of printing.

Images color corrected and print ready: We used a state of the art, digital darkrooms with highly calibrated color and contrast corrections to ensure the images you receive will print very beautifully.

B&W options:For a small fee you may have TWO sets of wedding photos, one all color one all black and white. Eliminating the need for decisions as to which images you want in B&W or color.

Of course we offer other services and coverages including digital retouching, artistic effects, photography coverage of rehearsal dinner, bachelor parties, and more. We make every attempt at full service and feel our service polices help to achieving those goals.