Learn About Joseph

textmainmeDelivering a blend of romantic posed portraiture, along with candid and creative wedding photography, is what has defined me for over a decade.

My goal is always to furnish interesting, emotionally honest and heartfelt images which reflect your relationships with your loved ones, their relationships with each other, along with a sense of your own personal style.

My Mother was an oil painter, my grandmother a violist. I have been around music and art all my life. Much of my adult life I have spent on the computer, so it’s not surprising my latest career is technical art.

In college, I was a business major. I have always had a strong interest in story writing and sometimes can think in rhythm. Shortly after school, I became a computer programmer and after 7 years as VP of Internet Technology for Citicorp North America, I decided to leave the corporate world and pursue an artistic career.

The real change occurred when one of my friends who loved my landscape photography asked me to photograph his wedding. I had never photographed a wedding, but did my best and it came out surprisingly well.

Wedding Photography felt natural for me from the start. I enjoyed crafting a romantic story in pictures. Wedding Photography was and still is, a good personal match for me.

I feel fortunate that I create photographs so important, that they serve many generations to come. I feel fortunate my images will help my clients re-live a very special day in their life, and every year, and many years thereafter.

Most of my photography is about recording the fun and emotion by watching people in silence and capturing their personalities in candids. Showing people my own vision of life also gives me a great satisfaction. I feel very fortunate to do the work I truly enjoy.

I live in Delray Beach, near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and regularly service the S.E Florida coast from Key West to Fort Pierce. I am a Photojournalist.

What is a wedding photojournalist? He or she is someone who photographs a wedding in a documentary style similar to a newspaper photographer. This style of photography has a strong focus on candid photography and creating more narrative type images as opposed to posed photographs.

As you look through the wedding galleries on this website, you may notice that many of my subjects are not looking into the camera, or even camera aware. This is the hallmark of the candid PJ style that I shoot, where I am simply recording the action in a very non-obtrusive manner.

Similarly, the wedding PJ shoots very much in a story book style, with the photo story of the day deliberately being photographed to show a beginning, a middle, and an end. The full weddings I show here are actually wedding essays meant to show what happened on the day in the order it happened.

A photojournalist is someone who is documents the wedding day rather than choreographs the wedding day, and other than a few posed couple shots along with some family portraits for historical purposes, this candid style of photography makes up the bulk of what I deliver. If you like candid photography, we may be a good match.